Coaching & Mentoring

To leverage John’s perception and benefit from his curiosity-driven awareness, it is important to baseline the meaning of Coaching and Mentoring as he uses them. Coaching engages John’s insight based on your observations. Mentoring leverages John’s insight based on his survey of your behavior. The difference can be as stark as addition and multiplication. Both are positive but may be separated by rough-orders-of-magnitude in their value and impact.

Due to his serious integrity, he limits the ways and means in which he provides Coaching and Mentoring. Participants must be committed to implementing agreed upon ideas with the power to unleash individual significance and success. Changes are integrated with rigorous measurement and transparent adaptation to core principles in order to maximize the value you receive and confirm the decision to allocate John’s limited availability to you.

John welcomes inquiries from C-suite leaders, and others, who recognize their time for an intentional change has come.  Please contact us to learn more.