With over 30 years’ experience in manufacturing, high tech, professional services and heavy industry, John has a uniquely cross-pollinated perspective on transforming business models and workplace cultures. As an introvert required to assume the role of an extrovert he has been in the cross-hairs at the intersection of financial imperatives and associate engagement.

John welcomes interactions with CEOs and other C-suite leaders who recognize the need, and desire the advantage that comes from, carefully engineered, deeply thoughtful, intentional change. He best serves clients facing challenges from high-complexity, high-uncertainty, and competition based on an accelerating rate of unrelenting change. Therefore:

  • John succeeds with executives who are committed to the bond between market performance and committed, self-determined associates.
  • John helps clients integrate organizational innovation, cultural development, and an emphasis on leadership responsibility at every level so success is a symptom of significance.
  • John addresses strategic portfolio performance opportunities and workplace-culture integration as a unifying force that improves results with gravitational certainty.
  • John uses his experience and serves, primarily, U.S.-based mid-sized organizations interested in developing systemically-informed decision-making approaches that deliver continuously-improved financial and human results for associates, customers and stakeholders.

John welcomes conversations with organizational leaders determined to create persistent extraordinary outcomes.  Please contact us to arrange a time to chat.