Businesses everywhere are facing an accelerating and unrelenting rate of external change. That is driving the need for significant internal change to gratify customers and constituents with ever higher expectations. For the people caught in that environment John’s insights provide immense, valuable benefits.

Please note, due to the seriousness of John’s commitment to helping organizations of all sizes succeed, and the related and unavoidable necessity to implement transformational enrichment of their workplace culture, he limits the number of days available for keynote speaking engagements.

His keynotes are highly-engaging, custom-tailored blends of his inspiring professional and personal stories that make universal principles accessible through pragmatic steps. Participants adapt his ideas to create individual programs with the credibility and power to unleash significance and success wherever they find themselves. That is why your audience will love him!

John’s Knowledge Transfer Empowers Audiences

While significant change is simple, it is never easy. In addition to John’s own resources, he leverages additional world-class resources from the John Maxwell Team for your success. Audiences will learn:

  • How to Increase Their Resilience Quotient
  • The Value of a Constructive Irritant
  • Where an Introvert Advantage is Vital
  • How to Fuel Success With Skeptical Optimism
  • Secrets That Unlock Learning Moments
  • Why Re-cognition Creates Opportunity
  • The Power of Integrating Toolset-Skillset-Mindset
  • How to Engineer Their Career Advantage
  • The Advantages of Being NEO (Not Easily Offended) When Making Critical Decisions

John welcomes inquiries from event organizers and organizational leaders who want to create an extraordinary experience that generates persistent positive follow-on engagement.  Please contact us to learn more.